thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation (Freq. 1)

became panicky as the snow deepened


felt panicked before each exam


trying to keep back the panic-stricken crowd


the terrified horse bolted

Syn: ↑panicky, ↑panicked, ↑panic-struck, ↑terrified, ↑frightened
Similar to: ↑afraid
Derivationally related forms: ↑panic (for: ↑panicky)

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ˈpanic-stricken [panic-stricken] adjective
extremely anxious about sth, in a way that prevents you from thinking clearly
Syn: hysterical

He sounded panic-stricken on the phone.

Jack caught a glimpse of her panic-stricken face.

Example Bank:

Her panic-stricken mother phoned the police.

I was so panic-stricken that I could hardly speak.

Lucy was suddenly panic-stricken.

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